Allowing South African taxpayers, the opportunity to:

  • Choose a hotel, B&B, lodge and/or guesthouse;
  • Direct their funds invested in Euphoric Capital to be invested in a hotel, B&B, lodge and/or guesthouse;
  • Receive a tax deduction of up to 45% on their investment; and
  • Receive the economic benefits generated by the asset while you, the investor, do not use the asset.

Provide a hassle free property management solution (offered by Euphoric Capital and our partners, or the investor’s selected management company), so that investors have peace of mind that:

  • They will be exposed to hospitality income through guest bookings;
  • The property is managed for 365 days a year by dedicated professionals with many years experience in the industry; and
  • The property will maintain compliance with Section 12J through Euphoric Capital’s regularity framework.

Provide certain use benefits of the property should it qualify:

  • Investors who want to make use of the property can work with Euphoric Capital and the management company to plan annual usage in the property so that it aligns with the property’s income goals;
  • If the property qualifies for The Registry Collection, investors may be able to exchange weeks in the property to travel the world.

The Section 12J Opportunity

The South African Government has implemented a tax incentive for investments into Section 12J Venture Capital Companies (Section 12J VCCs), to encourage private investment in various sectors including hospitality.

Any South African taxpayer can deduct 100% of their investment from their taxable income, in the tax year in which the investment is made.

This could lead to a tax deduction of up to 45% (for individuals and trusts) and 28% for companies on the full amount invested into qualifying hospitality assets during the year of investment.

The Team

Dean Mcluckie

Dean Mcluckie

I am the Managing Director and Founder of Euphoric Wealth. We are a wealth diversification agency that offers private lenders interest-linked returns uncorrelated with the stock market in a legislatively protected environment secured by property. During 2017 our clients enjoyed returns of between 13,25% – 18% per annum across various lending products to Sectional Title Bodies Corporate.

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After spotting a gap in the hospitality sector we launched Euphoric Memberships, a vacation club, with a unique financial model that includes an industry first no-levy option. Working closely with Jaltech and other hospitality service providers, we went on to launch Euphoric Capital which is a Section 12J Venture Capital Company (Section 12J VCC). Euphoric Capital allows South African taxpayers to acquire qualifying hospitality assets and benefit from the tax rebate associated with the Section 12J. This opportunity allows us to fulfil on a growing demand for leisure asset ownership, through a particular class of share associated with the VCC.

Prior to starting Euphoric Wealth, I worked as a business development consultant for a tech-start-up which took me to Fort Myers, Florida. Before this, I graduated from Rhodes University with Honours in Economics in 2010 and Honours in Information Systems in 2011.

I am skilled in Investments, Cryptocurrency Markets, Crowdfunding, Business Development and Strategy.

Gaurav Nair

Gaurav Nair

I am an actuary and Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa after completing my degree (BSC Honours Actuarial Science) at the University of the Witwatersrand. Prior to co-founding Jaltech, I worked as an actuary in reinsurance and life insurance, performing technical, distribution and strategic roles. I later began to leverage my financial expertise as a consultant to several companies.

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I currently oversees corporate finance transactions and asset management mandates at Jaltech. Gaurav has extensive corporate finance and project finance experience, having dealt with both domestic and international clients in the provision of advice relating to capital raisings, hedging various financial risks, managing investments and capital structuring. My experience covers a wide range of industries, company sizes and transaction types.

Rory Sim

Rory Sim

I am the Chief Risk Officer for Jaltech and have extensive experience in the financial service industry. Prior to joining Jaltech, I was intricately involved in the setup and running of the asset management division within a corporate financing group. I graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2010 with a B.Comm (Hons) in business management and later went on to obtain a post graduate diploma in financial planning in 2012.

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I has passed the level 1 CFA exam and is currently a 2018 level 2 CFA candidate. My experience ranges from investing, having managed local and offshore investments in share portfolios and hedge funds, to navigating the regulatory environment for financial service providers.

Fund Administrators


Jaltech is a boutique financial consulting firm. Jaltech has developed a niche in the South African market in assisting companies, family offices and high net-worth individuals with forming and managing all aspects of Section 12J VCCs.


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