Allows you to:

  • Direct your funds invested in Euphoric Capital to be invested in a qualifying hospitality investment;
  • Receive a 100% tax-deduction on your investment; and
  • Receive all the economic benefits associated with your selected investment opportunity.

Provides a turnkey solution so that you have peace of mind that:

  • You will be exposed to hospitality income through short-term guest bookings;
  • The investment is managed for 365 days a year by dedicated professionals; and
  • The investment will maintain compliance with Section 12J through Euphoric Capital’s regulatory framework.

Allows you to support your investment by:

  • Utilising the underlying properties, at a market related rate, while benefiting from the profits generated by the underlying properties.
  • Promoting the the use of the underlying properties in your selected investment to increase occupancy and turnover of the overall investment.

The Section 12J Opportunity

The South African Government has implemented a tax incentive for investments into Section 12J Venture Capital Companies (Section 12J VCCs), to encourage private investment in various sectors including hospitality.
Any South African taxpayer can deduct 100% of their investment from their taxable income, in the tax year in which the investment is made.
This results in enhanced returns for investors as they benefit from 100% of the capital while reducing their exposure (by up to 45%) through the tax-deduction provided by SARS.

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